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WELCOME TO Gandhi Charitable Trust, Kada

GANDHI CHARITABLE TRUST a voluntary organization, was started on 23rd June 2006 by a group of like-minded people who have had experience of poverty and squalor faced by themselves during their childhood. These people are from Village /Rural people. Four lady members from the grassroots level represents the people from the villege. view more

Shri.Dr.Ashok Panalal Gandhi – President

I am very greatful to god that he gave me this life,which i can use to help to needy people like Patients,helpless,homeless,orphans,widows,poors and backwards.
According t0 me one life is not enough to bring the change into society but at lest we should try because the regret of not trying is worse than the regrate of failure.
Many people live self - centered life forgetting the moral responsibility of society through ther are some good cultured persons who are fighting their belted with avaliable means and facilities.
I consider such a people as real heroes and our society needs such a personalities for upliftment of downtrodden people i am highly inspired but the work of social workers and their devotion to the society.
Insted of just watching i too close to fight for the betterment of the society,need you support and co-operation for better result.


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Welcome the Girl Child.

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“Welcome the Girl Child.”

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